The World's Trippiest Game ­čŹä!

An out-of-this-world psychedelic card game based on expanding your mind, building community and laughter.

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Improve Your Mental State: Get Off Your Screens And Into Your Imagination.

Be inspired to think outside of the box, be present, and laugh - this intentional card game improves your mental state by encouraging you to embrace absurdly weird ideas - far away from pop culture and real-life - ultimately connecting with others.

Double-Sided Answer Cards + WARPED Question Cards

With double-sided answer cards, there are a colossal amount of card combinations plus WARPED question cards (random wild cards) that prompt you to answer in different formats (acting, thinking creatively, connecting with others and more).


3-10 Players | Ages 18+


110 Question Cards (Blue): includes WARPED Cards - wild prompts that make you answer the questions differently (acting, thinking creatively, connecting with others) and TRUTH Questions that everyone must answer truthfully.

220 Double-Sided Answer Cards (Orange/Bone): Choose which color side to play on. Always have 6 cards in hand each round.

1: Take turns pulling Blue Question Cards to read outloud

2. Each player answers the Question using 1 out of the 6 answer cards in hand - unless instructed otherwise by WARPED Cards or TRUTH Questions.

3. Winner of each round is a group vote! Who is the most warped?

Small and Compact, Easy to Transport on Any Adventure

Small box design that fits in any bag or backpack. Meant to taken on any adventure with friends (i.e. camping). Also the perfect gift!

A Positive Tool To Use While Tripping 

WARPED is not crude or based on pop-culture, it will inspire your weirdest and most creative self to shine, taking you out of this reality and into altered states of mind.

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